Audition for the March - July, 2019 session!

All singers should be prepared to:

...sing 20 - 30 seconds of their favorite song a cappella (no accompaniment): learn Are You Sleeping?, echo rhythm and tonal patterns; run through warm-ups and scales; sightread a short rhythm and tonal excerpt.

Can't read music?

Then just come ready to sing and enjoy this process!  If you can match pitch, sing with a healthy vocal quality, and hold your own part against another (as in singing a round like Are You Sleeping?) - then you'll do great!  We will teach sight-singing over time - a bit in each rehearsal!

Choir Testimonials

"I loved our performance! The songs are still playing in my head!" (MS) -  "I am learning a lot, and having fun" (MD)  "You probably thought - oh my! what is with this group?" - but we had so much fun when we worked with you!" (KM) choir members. And from the kids..."He's been asking about rehearsals for 3 weeks now! " (JW) "When do we start back up again?" (JO)

Warm-up and Scale downloads

Feel free to download the exercises below to help prepare you for the audition. Sing the warmups on 'ah'  and the words to the song are: Are you Sleeping (Are you sleeping) Brother John? (Brother John?) Morning bells are ringing (Morning bells are ringing) DingDing Dong....Ding Ding Dong...   Try singing along with it the first time then repeating it immediately.  Try a different time singing it through 1x... then waiting for the 'round' - when the other part comes in - singing it 'against' the first part. 

Auditions: Now's the time!

Auditions are ongoing through early March for all choirs.

Call to schedule an audition.  We look forward to hearing you!

Expressions kicked off its fall season on October 1 - so schedule your audition soon to be part of this wonderful, intergenerational choir!

Noteworthy Voices (Ages 8 - 18)

Rehearsal locations in Ada (Thursdays) and Lima (Tuesdays).  Placement by audition.

Noteworthy Sounds (Ages 7-10)

Rehearsal locations in Ada (Thursdays) and Lima (Tuesdays). Placement by audition. 

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Treble Makers!

A brand new offering for any interested singer, ages 6 - 9+.  NO AUDITION!  

Treble Makers: Ages 6 - 9+

This section affords ample opportunity for movement through singing games and additional activities - perfect for those who love to sing and move!  

Call to schedule an individual audition for you or your singers - Sounds, Voices, Expressions!

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