Noteworthy Voices


Ages 8 - 18


Noteworthy Expressions


Ages 13 - 83+

Noteworthy Sounds; Treble Makers


Coming soon!

Sounds: Placement by audition (Ages 7 - 10)

Treble Makers: Non-auditioned group

(Ages 6 - 10)

Developing a choral community!

NCC's Formation

Based in Ada, Noteworthy Community Choir is a non-profit organization created to nurture personal and artistic excellence through participation in quality music education and choral performance for all ages. We host rehearsal sites in both Ada and Lima.  Auditions for our 2nd season are underway! Contact us to schedule an audition! We begin rehearsing the week of September 23, 2019!


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Noteworthy Community Choir

(419) 679-8259